(PVT) Heart of the City Tour

Da USD US$ 95,63
  • Durata: 5 Ore (circa)
  • Luogo: CABA, CABA
  • Codice prodotto: pvtHOC


  1. Meet us at one of Buenos Aires´ oldest buildings

  2. Choose your ride … ¿maybe a bamboobike?

  3. Get a feel for Buenos Aires´ long-lost golden era

  4. Cheer for Boca Jrs.

  5. See the colorful houses of Caminito

  6. Eat what any local would eat by the Ecological reserve

  7. Study economics at the Women´s bridge (emoji con anteojos? jeje)

  8. Feel the Heart of the city - Plaza de Mayo

Why choose this XP?

At Biking Buenos Aires, we seek to reveal connections between people and cultures across the world. If you are looking to understand Argentina, or even harder, Argentinians, we´re here to help you with that. 

We are a group of empathetic and curious international locals, who cherish cultural diversity and interconnection. We believe that a better world can be achieved by understanding that we are scattered seeds from the same tree.

On our Heart of the City tour, we focus on the formation of Buenos Aires and its culture, going over the 20th century´s main events and today's context. We invite you to get involved and feel Buenos Aires first-hand!

Who is this XP for?

This experience is designed to maximize your time in the city, and learn what Porteños are all about. If you are curious about Argentine culture, and want to experience it first-hand, this ride is for you.